Design something that heightens our awareness of the here and now.

When I think about the troubles me and my generation have with technology, I feel quite divided: on one hand I acknowledge that it causes many problems, but on the other hand I feel like it often gets criticised in a patronising way. 


These hand embroidered merit patches address with humour the daily troubles we often go through with technology addiction, and aim to be relatable without passing judgement. We recognise that not looking at our phone for 30 minutes is not a grand achievement, but it is something that can sometimes be quite hard to do.


Embroidery as a medium offers an interesting antidote to our daily interactions with technology: while it also comprises of staring at a small object in our hands for long periods of time, embroidery requires us to be very concentrated and patient, as it is a very time and labour intensive craft.

Nikki Ritmeijer