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Make a critical contribution to the debate around the shift from analogue to digital photography.


Although I’ve taken way more digital pictures in my lifetime than film, the gratification I get from these pictures can’t compare to my analog photography. Why is that? I feel overwhelmed with the availability of digital photography, how easy it is to just point and shoot without any real consequences. However, with analog photography you have to let go of control as soon as you press the shutter button. You can only see the picture once it has been developed, and it may not be what you wanted or expected - but the image is there, you can’t delete it or take a better shot. I think the process of analog photography forces us to be more patient, more attentive, more considerate and willing to let go of expectations and control. To me, this perticular process of photography can be much like meditation. 

I took my photographic imagery with a self-made pinhole camera, which creates an ultimate insecurity of outcome. I am in control, because I make the camera and take the pictures, but what the outcome will look like is something I have to surrender to, which I think is a great metaphor for what I think is a very valuable way of living life itself.

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