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In mythology Chaos was the primeval void or chasm, that which existed before everything else existed, and from chaos emerged the universe. Chaos theory itself describes systems that are based on very simple mathematical rules, but through feedback loops and chance result in very complex structures that behave in unpredictable ways. This type of spontaneous pattern formation is an inherent property of our universe and accounts for the formation of all matter around us, and eventually the creation of life.


In this project I am contemplating our own existence against the odds of chaos. After 13.8 billion years that the universe has existed, creating the most complex structures and systems, there are countless ways that the universe and the world could have shaped themselves to not include us. But here we are, an unlikely product of those 13.8 billion years of chaos.

With footage created from video feedback loops, in which a camera is pointed to a screen projecting its own output, this unpredictable self-emerging pattern formation is demonstrated in visual landscapes, while an ambiguous voice congratulates us on our existence.





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