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Taking old mysterious manuscripts as inspiration, I want to bring mystery back into the mundaneness of everyday life and point out the value of imagination and magical thinking. I’m interested in how people respond to things they don’t understand, and how confusion can create interesting narratives.


I chose the street pigeon as my subject, as it is one of the most mundane creatures I can think of: city-objects that not many people seem to have any particular opinion or feeling about (apart from the occasional nuisance) as we do about pretty much any other animal. It is for this reason I want to elevate this non-magical bird into a mystical creature, merely by suggestion through symbolism and surrealism. As such, it is also an exploration in what happens when we take context away in design and let the audience fill in the gaps with their own imagination.

The final piece is a modifiable wall installation consisting of a collection of screen printed diagrams along with handwritten notes, photos and artefacts, connected with string to suggest links between meaningless elements, leaving the opportunity to imagine what could be the hidden meaning.

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